Drop Top-#01--Master Grade--Arctic Qtr-Sawn Roasted Flame Birch 21

Drop Top-#01--Master Grade--Arctic Qtr-Sawn Roasted Flame Birch 21"×18-15.5"×.38"

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Thermally Modified or Roasted 


High Speed Flawlessly Planed Front Face--Clean Band Saw Cut Backs 


Jointed Center 


Length: 21" or 533 MM

Width: 18"--15.5" or 457 MM--393 MM

Thickness: .38" or 9.65 MM


Important Note: This Amazing Set Has a Booked Matched Pin Knot. It just so happens to be positioned where a Bride for A Stratocaster Style Build is. We have outlined a true to spec Strat layout in White Color Pencil. Please review the photos to determine if this set will work for you. 


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