Lumber – #3761 – 4A Grade Flame Maple Value 35.625″x7″-6.5″x2.08″



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Kiln Dried & Ready To Use
Species: Big Leaf Flame Maple (Acer Macrophyllum)
Length: 35.625″
Bottom Width: 6.5″ — 6.875″ — 7.125″
Top Width: 6.5″ — 6.75″ — 7″
Thickness: 2.08″
Actual Billet Weight: 11.05 lbs.
Disclaimer: Please review all photos carefully before purchasing

“Value” – A term Kimball Hardwoods uses to describe an item for sale that may have some imperfections inside the Template. To be considered a “Value” item these imperfections need to be minimal. Listed below is the imperfection or imperfections with this listing. Please review carefully before purchasing to be sure this item will work for you and your project.

This set contains Green Streak, Mineral, Knots, and Inclusions.

Mineral Streaks are caused both naturally and unnaturally. Natural mineral streaks are caused by excessive mineral deposits or groupings in an area of the tree. Unnatural mineral streaks are caused by a boring insect which intentionally bores into the tree with the purpose of eating or feeding on the trees nutrients and by doing so the bored or tunnel portion semi-rots along with insect excrement causing a visible mark dramatically different in color.

Knots/Pin Knots are tiny limbs that stretch out from the trees heartwood attempting to create a new limb. These knots regardless of size generally travel from or near the center of the tree out toward the outer sapwood and bark. Many times pin knots can also become included.

Inclusions – Holes that have penetrated the wood that over time exposed to oxygen have darkened in color. Although rare inclusions can occur naturally as a form or irregular grain spacing, voids caused by heavy figure causing heavy grain disruption and ultimately small pockets that become infected and grow with the tree in depth over the years. Inclusions are also caused by an outside source. These are some of the causes of inclusions: Insect boring or tunneling, bird peck, tree knots or limbs that never materialize, and tree bruising caused by weather “windfall” penetration of the trees bark and outer sapwood.

Green Streak or Green Streak Stain can be caused by a couple of reasons:
-A superficial wound that penetrates the bark and outer sapwood of a tree. Mold growth grows on the wound and begins to penetrate the tree. This is why green streak in wood at some point is accompanied by an inclusion or hole that has been infected by mold. This is also far more prevalent in Big Leaf Maple simply for the fact that these trees grow in areas that can see upwards of 150 days of rain per year. They trees also have a heavy outer moss covering which is directly related to mold growth.
-A tree that has been fresh cut into boards or billets and is very high in moisture content. Generally the thicker you cut the wood the more susceptible the wood is to mold growth. This mold can be green, black, and or gray in color. In addition to the woods high moisture it’s important to note that mold growth can be unintentionally expedited if stored in areas where the relative humidity is 56% or higher.

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Weight 14 lbs
Dimensions 38 × 7 × 4 in