Drop Top Deal—2–Defect Quilted Maple 🍁 Drop Top Sets



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-This Listing is for 2 Defect Quilted Maple Drop Top Sets

-Photos—The photos in this listing are stock photos not of the actual sets you will receive. Kimball Hardwoods will choose the sets

-Special Request or Order Notes: We will not be entertaining any special requests for Set Size, Figure Patter, or Defect location

-Defects: These sets may include one or more of the following defects

-Green Streak, Splits & checks, knots, inclusions, bark trap, Natural Stain, Gray Stain, bug holes—No Live Insects, Track or insect tunneling, Mineral Marks or Streaks

-We guarantee the sets in this purchase fit a Stratocaster Shape Guitar Build. Each Set will have the Template drawn in Pencil for Reference. If you are building a large variation this may or may not work for you

–Your sets may be planed on the front side but could also be band saw cut. Further processing will be required

–These sets are jointed but with spiral head cutters—you will need to re Joint them

-Sets-Dimensional Range

-Length: 20”—23”

-Combined Width: minimum 14” at the base of the set or what would be the lower Bout and can taper slightly but will fit a Strat Build—can be as wide as 17”

-Thickness: .24”–.30”


Additional information

Weight 6 lbs
Dimensions 24 × 10 × 2 in


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