Drop Top – #6936 – 4A Grade Red Leaf Flame Ambrosia Maple Value Tele 19.75″x18.5″x.25″


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Vacuum Kiln Dried & Ready To Use
Species: Red Leaf Maple (Acer Rubrum)
Length: 19.75″
Combined Width: 18.5″ — 17.75″
Thickness: .25″
Disclaimer: Please review all photos carefully before purchasing

This set contains Ambrosia. Ambrosia is a term for Maple Wood that has been attacked by the Ambrosia Beetle. It is far more common in Red Leaf Maple Acer Rubrum or Soft Maple than Hard Maple Acer Saccharum, but not exclusively Red Leaf Maple Borer. The Ambrosia Beetle Prays on sick and compromised or dead trees. Their sole purpose for boring into these trees is for a food source. They bore into a tree then release spores of its fungal symbiont or “Ambrosia Fungus.” This fungus penetrates the wood tissue causing the insect to extract nutrients from the tree. Ambrosia Wood is easily identified by the initial vertical bore hole where the beetle then almost always starts boring horizontally leaving a Mineral Streak in its wake. These streaks are red/orange, green, brown, and sometimes blue in color.

“Value” – A term Kimball Hardwoods uses to describe an item for sale that may have some imperfections inside the Template. To be considered a “Value” item these imperfections need to be minimal. Listed below is the imperfection or imperfections with this listing. Please review carefully before purchasing to be sure this item will work for you and your project.

This set contains Inclusions. Inclusions – Holes that have penetrated the wood that over time exposed to oxygen have darkened in color. Although rare inclusions can occur naturally as a form or irregular grain spacing, voids caused by heavy figure causing heavy grain disruption and ultimately small pockets that become infected and grow with the tree in depth over the years. Inclusions are also caused by an outside source. These are some of the causes of inclusions: Insect boring or tunneling, bird peck, tree knots or limbs that never materialize, and tree bruising caused by weather “windfall” penetration of the trees bark and outer sapwood.

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Dimensions 26 × 13 × 3 in