Drop Top – #6068 – Flame Myrtle Tele Value 21″x17″x.32″


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Vacuum Kiln Dried & Ready To Use
Species: Flame Myrtle (Umbellularia Californica)
Length: 21″
Combined Width: 17″ — 14.87″
Thickness: .32″
Disclaimer: Please review all photos carefully before purchasing

Disclaimer: It is very common for Myrtle wood after being cut and dried to have minor cupping. This set may have cupping, but is still pliable or glue-able.

“Value” – A term Kimball Hardwoods uses to describe an item for sale that may have some imperfections inside the Template. To be considered a “Value” item these imperfections need to be minimal. Listed below is the imperfection or imperfections with this listing. Please review carefully before purchasing to be sure this item will work for you and your project.

This set contains Bug Holes and Bore Holes. Bore Holes are unnatural holes made by insects trying to tunnel their way into the tree. Bore holes are more prominent in the trees bark and outer sapwood, but are not limited to this area. Depending on the wood species, particular insects prefer certain tree species due to easier accessibility or diet preference. Bore holes range in tunneling direction based on which species is attacking the tree.

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Weight 5 lbs
Dimensions 26 × 13 × 3 in