Drop Top – #3775 – 4A Grade Flame Maple Spalted Value 23.25″x15.5″x.32″



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Kiln Dried & Ready To Use
Species: Big Leaf Flame Maple (Acer Macrophyllum)
Length: 23.25″
Combined Width: 15.5″ — 13.75″
Thickness: .32″
Disclaimer: Please review all photos carefully before purchasing

This set contains Spalted Wood. Spalting or Spalted Wood is caused while a tree is standing/living or when a tree has died or been felled laying on the ground. Considered a form of tree cancer. A cancer that actually does not kill the tree. A fungus that starts to stain the wood in the tree. If the fungus is allowed to grow it will penetrate the tree further by staining the wood causing multiple colors and erratic fungal black lines. If the spalting is well developed it can caused a total breakdown of the wood cellular structure causing heavy rot, rendering the wood useless for structural purposes. This is known as “Punky Wood”. Kimball Hardwoods categorizes our spalted products in three categories:
1. Firm Spalt –Which is the most desirable for woodworkers/instruments.
2. Mid Tier Spalt—This is the most common spalt that is sold. It will have a combination of some firm wood, predominantly soft wood, and some punky or super soft wood.
3. Punky Spalt—This is the softest and least desirable spalt from a wood working stand point. It’s important to reference that the more colors and black lines in the wood in general the wood tends to be more toward the “Punky” or soft side of the spectrum.

Spalted Wood Disclosure: Spalted wood due to its deteriorated state makes trees a prime target for insects to live in or feed on. All the things that make this wood beautiful also make this wood in some cases very difficult to work or use. Spalted wood is for an experience luthier or woodworkers application.

“Value” – A term Kimball Hardwoods uses to describe an item for sale that may have some imperfections inside the Template. To be considered a “Value” item these imperfections need to be minimal. Listed below is the imperfection or imperfections with this listing. Please review carefully before purchasing to be sure this item will work for you and your project.

This set contains Track and Bug Holes (no live insects). Track is a term used for wood that has been bored into by an insect and the boring direction is longer and more invasive. Track also is in reference to additional tunneling direction change from a vertical to horizontal direction. The track marks or tunnels consist of previously eaten wood that the diameter of the bore hole now consists of powdery sawdust.

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Dimensions 24 × 10 × 2 in