Body Blank – #102 – Black Limba 2 Piece Un-Glued Explorer Size 23.75″x22.5″x1.75″



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Kiln Dried & Ready To Use
Surfaced Flat
Species: Black Limba (Terminalia Superba)
Janka Hardness: 670
Common Names: Korina or Limba
Type of Blank: Two Pieces
Two Piece Blanks: Kimball Hardwoods has decided to sell unglued blanks – leaving the gluing process up to the luthier. We came to this decision for the following reasons:
1. Most luthiers like to control a blanks symmetry – making minor to major alterations to the blanks appearance.
2. It is very common for glued blanks to move or warp during transit, leaving customers with a blank they now need to flatten. Many clients don’t have the large equipment needed to re-flatten blanks with this wide, causing unwanted frustration.
3. By selling unglued blanks, Kimball Hardwoods can wrap or bind the two pieces of wood together preventing them from moving.
Important Note: Limba wood is defined out in the industry as Black or White. This is in reference to the color streaks or lack there of. It is the same species, same tree, but it is in reference to clean yellow wood versus wood with color streaks. White Limba is a very small portion of the wood that is cut.
Important Note: It is extremely common for Limba wood to have bug holes and ambrosia streaking. It is so common that it is not considered a defect, more so a characteristic of the wood. If you are looking for blanks with no bug holes, please review the photos carefully before purchasing as we aren’t taking close up photos of individual bug holes. This product has been kiln dried and there are no live insects.
Photo and Listing: This listings photos are of the actual blank you will receive. Unlike many of our competitors, we photograph each individual item. Kimball Hardwoods does not alter, enhance, photoshop, or enhance with solvents unless otherwise stated with any of our products. When you receive your product, it will look exactly like it does in the photos.

Item Dimensions
Length: 23.75″
Width: 22.5″
Thickness: 1.75″
Actual Body Blank Weight: 15.29 lbs.
Body Blank Board Footage: 6.49
Pounds (lbs.) Per Board Foot: 2.35 lbs.

Additional information

Weight 18 lbs
Dimensions 24 × 17 × 4 in