Hello! I’m Derek Kimball, the owner of Kimball Hardwoods. I started this company in early 2017. Although new to the guitar parts industry compared to other wood suppliers, the Kimball family has decades of woodworking experience and it was a natural fit for my families business model. I’m a very hands on owner/operator and I’m personally involved with every aspect of my business. If you watched any of our instructional videos, social media videos, received a social media DM, an email, and or talked to us on the phone, you have been dealing directly with me, the owner.  This is deliberate on my part. When I was considering getting into the guitar parts world back in 2016, I realized that the industry options were limited. Communicating with wood suppliers was difficult with slow responses, there were very few suppliers offering a custom experience of individually photographed items for sale on a wholesale level,  shipping times where very slow from start to finish, and there were a lot of issues getting wood that was ordered. There was wood that showed up with defects and warping issues that weren’t disclosed. Items weren’t packaged correctly. In this day and age, as companies like Kimball Hardwoods grow larger, the owners/founders of these companies take a step back from these daily tasks, causing companies to become more corporate in nature and less personable. My business model is that as we hire more help, the more I will be available to you - the customer. For those who know me, it’s more important that a customer has the best experience possible. I’ve hired highly motivated employees who understand my mission and support me. This is critical to surviving and thriving in an industry where you, the customer, have so many options. We pride ourselves on accurately grading, reinforced packaging, fast shipping, and an overall great customer experience. I want to personally thank you for choosing Kimball Hardwoods!